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Stage 1 - Initial Assesment

We will undertake an initial assessment using our business team to establish the viability of granting a Henley manufacturing licence. To do this we request that you send your
company details asking for an information questionnaire to be issued by emailing us at jwindow.henley@gmail.com. Using our business team we will analyse the prospects to see if there is a viable business opportunity. If you meet our criteria we will invite you to have a business assessment undertaken.

Stage 2 – Business Appraisal

Working together with you business team we will undertake a detailed assessment of all aspects of your business model and territory for a fixed fee for our professional team. This will provide information for us and your management to jointly develop your company’s business plan including sales opportunities, market size and anticipated sales. From this plan the production and design requirements, equipment levels and factory layout will be determined. At this point we can agree the type of license and its length as a 5, 10 or 20 year term and the licence fee.

Stage 3 – Licence Agreement

Using the information agreed in the business plan, the licence agreement will be tailored to your requirements. When the legal document has been signed and the license fee paid the delivery process will commence.

Stage 4 – Procurement and Manufacture of equipment

On receiving an order from your company, at terms to be agreed, we will commence manufacture of the Henley Precision Master equipment. There will be stage payments and we anticipate there will be a lead in time of about 22 weeks from receipt of deposit to the equipment being ready for shipping. You will need to allow for additional time, say 3-4 weeks, for transportation by ship to the factory.

Stage 5- Design of your First Building

During step 4, the structural engineering design and fabrication drawings using the Henley MasterCAD software will be undertaken. We recommend that the first project is designed by Henley as a consultancy service. Your own structural and CAD team will need to receive training during the period as part of the consultancy service. The Henley Master-Suite of project costing, management and programming software will also be installed and training given during this period.

Stage 6- Factory Installation and Production

Six weeks prior to delivery of the Henley PrecisionMaster equipment it will be necessary for a factory fit out programme to be agreed. Your company will be responsible for installing the power and cabling necessary for the equipment to be installed and any constructing works required for plant/ equipment necessary to move, erect our Precision Master equipment. You will need
to provide a labour force to install the equipment under the supervision of the Henley factory team. Henley will commission the factory and train your labour force to operate the factory over an agreed period

Stage 7- Site installation

Henley will provide on and off-site support to train your production operatives and management as required.

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