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cold rolled steel supports our unique cassette floorsHenley wall units being assembled on siteHenley flooring units being installed on site


The Henley MasterFrame is our extremely versatile and flexible proprietary construction technology for making buildings using the Henley Off-site Construction System. Our structures achieve superior accuracy to light-gauge steel alternatives and are suitable for construction up to 15 storeys.

Structures built using the Henley MasterFrame technology consist of the following building units:

Load Bearing SFS Wall Panels
Our light gauge steel frame wall panels are designed to carry the load of Henley's concrete floor cassettes. These form the integral part of the system enabling residential and office buildings of up to 15 storeys high without secondary framing. Precision-engineered to tolerances of +/- 1mm, these can be rapidly installed on site, saving up to 50% of construction time
Infill SFS Wall Panels
Light gauge steel framed internal and external wall units. To save time on site these are normally fitted with external cladding and doors and windows in the factory. Part and fully finished panels are suitable for integration into new and existing reinforced concrete or hot rolled steel framed structures, so our system can save time and costs on a wider variety of projects. Our high-performance internal partitioning panels offer superior acoustic performance and fire-resistance to market alternatives
Floor Cassettes
Our patented prefabricated floor cassettes are unique in combining concrete and hot and cold rolled steel for a robust, fire-resistant structure. They are suitable for integration into existing buildings. Lightweight cassette options are also available.
Stair & Lift Modules
Construction time can be saved for complex structures such as stairs and lifts by manufacturing precision-engineered units a storey at a time. These built to a tolerance of +/- 1mm per storey, achieving a far greater level of accuracy than would be possible for conventional structures. One shaft installed in IQ5 was installed only 4mm out of plumb over 32metres
Hot Rolled Steel components
Precision-engineered hot-rolled steel columns and framing components can be easily integrated into the Henley MasterFrame system

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