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We are looking for entrepreneurially-minded partner companies who are looking to cut build-time and improve quality on construction projects worldwide

Our patented technology is the result of several years of intensive research and has been used on award-winning building projects in the UK. This technology, along with all the required equipment and support is now being made available under licence.


delivering manufactured wall panels to siteinstalling wall panels on siteinstallation of Henley floor cassettes


Investing in the Henley System therefore gives you all the tools you need to acquire the ability to develop bigger, better structures in light gauge steel at a lower cost than the competition. We view companies investing in the system as partners, and will give you as much support as you need to succeed.

And because our the Henley Off-site Construction System is not simply a set of components but a fully integrated design, manufacture and build process, partner companies will profit from all stages of construction projects, from design through to handing over the finished building.

The complete turn-key solution we can provide companies that licence our technology includes:

Henley Licenced Partners will therefore have all the tools at their disposal to become leaders in their light gauge steel construction markets.

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