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The system is easy to assemble by following the design manual and has been installed using low skilled workers who have been through a short training programme and are supervised by a competent foreman. It is possible to install a room every hour with an 8 man team

After initial setting out, precision engineered MasterFrame wall panels can be slotted into place upon delivery on site. Once the walls for a storey are in place, our unique reinforced concrete floor cassettes can be slotted into place and sealed to make it watertight. The same process can then be repeated for each additional floor. Uniquely amongst light gauge steel framing solutions, our system can be built up to 15 storeys.

The structure is designed to be self-supporting, and so requires little or no secondary framing. Compact structural components, minimal waste and rapid build all make the system ideally suited to construction on small sites with little or no storage space - completed projects in the UK cover 100% of the site area.

light-gauge steel structure nearing completioncompleted storey ready for plasterboard installationfactory fitted modular stair unit


Installing specially designed sections such as our lift and stair modules which have been manufactured off-site saves time on site. Our system is flexible enough to allow for items such as windows and external wall coverings to be fitted in the factory to save further time, and is compatible with a variety of external cladding and finishing methods.

Time on site can be further reduced by installing entire rooms which have been fully fitted out internally - this modular method of construction is particularly suited to construction in remote locations where the local labour force is scarce.

The entire process can be up to 50% faster than conventional construction of similar sized structures.

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