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Henley started out as a research and development company in 2002. Our aim was to develop a unique lightweight steel building system made offsite under factory conditions by using automotive/aerospace manufacturing techniques. We developed accurately manufactured wall panels and floor cassettes to enable us to construct buildings of 12 storeys and higher with concrete floors

Our primary goal was to reduce cost of construction and speed up site installation by up to 50%, which was achieved for the IQ5 building in Birmingham. The IQ5 building was a landmark project in the UK for light gauge steel technology, winning two prestigious awards for offsite construction.

IQ5 structural detailIQ5 cladded walls


Henley are now looking for entrepreneurial companies interested in a unique opportunity to benefit from our proven structural system

We are looking to supply partner companies worldwide with licences to use our technology, the equipment to design and manufacture the system, and all the support you will ever need.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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