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John Window

Chief Executive Officer

John Window founded Henley after spotting an opportunity to streamline the development of large office and residential developments through the use of manufacturing techniques used in the aerospace and automotive industries. John's enormous breadth of experience includes 25 years involvement with managing large-scale property developments. He is recognised as the inventor of the Henley system and holds 12 patents to his name including Henley's 3-section stud, which offers a 50% performance improvement over the standard C section.

email jw@henley.im

Dr John Tellett

Design Director

John Tellett is a leading the expert in the design and manufacture of light-gauge steel, who was brought in to lead Henley's research and development programme having previously played a key role in the design and research programmes of no less than three individual modular steel manufacturers' bespoke systems. John's extensive experience includes 8 years in specialised research and 20 years as a consulting engineer, which already included managing the design and build of the largest and tallest light gauge steel structure in the world prior to the completion of Henley's record-holding IQ5.

email jt@henley.im

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