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We offer you all the support and tools needed to be able to design, manufacture and build high-quality structures at a low cost.

Our system is tried and tested, and projects completed using the system have won awards. The research we have carried out and the extensive knowledge of our experts saves you the time and money it would take to try to create a similar system.

Our system allows you to build taller, larger structures than any other light gauge steel system currently available. It is also 50% faster than traditional methods of construction.

Companies with a licence to use our system therefore have a significant advantage over other companies in the same market. The expertise we pass on to our partners will ensure that their assistance by is valued by clients at all stages of a construction project, from initial design and costing expertise through to advising on site installation.

We have the flexibility to work with different types of companies, regardless of their size, background and main areas of operation. Our success depends on our partner companies growing and expanding their production. We want to see all Henley partner companies become major players in their domestic construction market, and to help them grow internationally if that is their aim.

Henley System Benefits

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