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Build bigger, taller structures

Most light gauge structures are only suited to low rise structures with lightweight timber floors, and these rarely exceed four storeys. The Henley MasterFrame system is suitable for buildings of between one and 15 storeys. It has already been used to build the tallest and largest structure of its type - light gauge steel with concrete floors - in the world. Integration with hot rolled steel units is possible and allows for the construction of even taller buildings. MasterFrame structures built using the Henley System can maximise the return on investment for city centre building projects on small sites.

More accurate structures

MasterFrame structures built using the Henley System achieves unprecedented levels of accuracy, with tolerances of less than 1mm per floor. This minimises wasted time and materials adjusting for inaccuracies in construction and rebuilding misaligned sections.

Greater design flexibility

Many steel frame solutions on offer consist of pre-built units or are only suited to particular building sizes. MasterFrame structures are inherently flexible - triangular and curved facades are possible, and the system is not restricted to a single type of cladding. Our structures can incorporate architecturally impressive features and fill the entire site area.

Advanced technology

MasterFrame incorporate many unique components, such as our reinforced concrete floor cassettes. Our patented proprietary technologies are the result of intensive research and rigorous testing to achieve superior acoustic performance, fire resistance and load-bearing ability and ensure compliance with the strictest of building codes.

Supplier Independence

The Henley MasterFrame System is not simply a set of pre-manufactured framing components purchased off-the-shelf from an existing manufacturer, but a fully integrated building solution. Licenced partner companies will be able to choose their own materials suppliers and will exercise full control over the design and manufacturing of projects they work on in their own facilities. We put you in control and will show you how to profit from all stages of the development process.

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