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When using Henley's off-site construction system, the design process is fully integrated with a factory process designed to optimise production using our custom rolling machines. CNC files produced by the Henley MasterCAD software control the rolling machines and commence the manufacturing process.

Off-site construction in cold-rolled steel has been proven to be considerably more efficient than traditional building methods, and waste is further reduced by the accuracy of our rolling machines.


Henley floor cassette prior to the addition of concretefactory floor ready for productionHenley MasterFrame wall panels ready to be delivered to site


Precision cut steel sections can then be assembled in the factory into wall panel units and specialist modules. Exterior cladding and units such as doors and windows can be factory-fitted to save further time on-site. Concrete and steel are combined to make up our patented floor cassettes.

The innovative use of techniques from other industries such as mig brazing ensures high-quality manufactured structural elements.

Factory produced building elements can then be delivered to site, on a just-in-time basis, ready for rapid installation


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